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Dale Mathis Studio, Inc. (DMSI)

is the industrial partner to “The Art of Dale Mathis – Las Vegas, USA”.

Based in Pampanga, the creations of Dale Mathis are replicated to exacting standards ensuring both form and function. Every gear is cut to predefined pitch and pressure angle for smooth and trouble free operation. Each item produced becomes a part of a limited edition art piece.

DMSI works well on collaborative projects with other artists, designers and architects in producing commissioned work requiring precision manufacturing, specialized finishes with dramatic light and motion effects.

DMSI manufactures for other clients as well, limited only to its engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Other clients include lighting companies, furniture makers, sign makers and other specialty shops. The company’s core competencies include precision engineering and manufacturing as well as specialized finishing for the various components of the art pieces.

Established in March 2009, DMSI is located at 220 Manibaug Libutad, Porac City, Pampanga 2008. DMSI is a SEC registered company managed by Mr. Cris Venzon, its President and Managing Director.

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