dale mathis

Dale Mathis is an American surrealist artist with creations that speaks from the heart. He is deeply inspired by Salvador Dali and Edmonia Lewis, -Art was his escape into another reality he could create for himself. His compilation of sophisticated aesthetics landed him notoriety on HGTV, Time Avenue Magazine in Argentina and Ovation TV Community.


callen dela cruz
Callen Dela Cruz
is a Filipino designer that graduated with a I ndustrial Design degree from the Technological University of the Philippines. His enthusiam with classical designs earned him a recognitaion from the Philippine Fine Jewelry competition.



hanz batula
Hanz Batula is an expert in the field of furniture and jewelry design. This Filipino designer has earned several awards from designs competitions including grand prize from the Jewelry Design Competion – Design Center of the Philippines. and an Obra Meritt Awardee from the CFIP furniture design competition.

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